Financial Planning

Financial Planning Needs to Match Time to Budget to Goals.

People are rarely in a position to take care of all their financial planning needs at the same time.

It is also unusual to find that two people have the same financial planning priorities.

Priorities depend on a number of factors, for example, age, single or married, children, employment type, what is disposable income at the end of the month and what is important now to each person.

We use a simple financial planning process to help our customers figure out what is important to them now and prioritise financial goals in the future.


The Financial Planning Steps

We collect personal and financial information to prepare a confidential report with recommendations that are matched to the time and budget available and when the financial goals need to be achieved.

1 Personal Details, including income, occupation, family, mortgage discretionary spending etc.

2 Assess any existing financial plans to ensure they continue to do what they were set up to do initially.

3 Discuss and agree financial planning priorities and the available budget.

4 Prepare a confidential report with recommendations matched to priorities and budget.

5 Decisions on next steps and agree a communication and service schedule.


Next Steps – take the first step to find effective Financial Planning

We are available for an initial discussion or to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs

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