Personal Pension Planning

Personal Pensions Add to Retirement Income – Every €uro Counts

It is easy to see the difference that even €100 extra per week could make for many people when it comes to paying for some extras and essentials in their retirement.

The Government & Revenue Commissioners also recognise that funding your own pension is important as they continue to give generous tax benefits to people funding their own pension for retirement.


Attractive Tax Benefits with Pension Planning

1 Tax Relief with higher tax relief thresholds for older ages.

2 Tax Free Lump Sum on Retirement

3 Tax Free Investment Returns in the Pension Fund

4 Tax Efficient & Flexible Investment Options at Retirement


Its Never Too late to Start Pension Planning for Retirement.

Starting as early as possible is always good as it optimises the potential pension benefits but there is always an opportunity to generate some tax savings, lump sums and income from pension planning.

No matter what age you are, we look to find that tax advantage to help your income in retirement using all of the tax planning benefits that the Government and Revenue have approved.


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