Company Pensions

About Company pension Schemes

A Company Pension Scheme must be set up in line with Revenue rules and all Legal requirements.

A company scheme receives corporate tax relief and also delivers excellent tax relief opportunities and financial planning benefits to employees.


The Company & Taxation

Direct taxation benefits are that contributions made by a Company on behalf of qualifying scheme members are all tax deductible as a business expense against trading profits, in the employer’s accounting period in which the contributions were made.


Employees & Taxation

Employees receive Personal Tax Relief on own contributions, funds accumulate tax free in the fund and are exempt from Capital Gains and Income Tax.

Employees do not pay Benefit In Kind (BIK) and Tax Free Lump Sums are available in addition to the excellent retirement income benefits

Directors, Senior Executives, Managers, Employees all qualify for tax relief subject to Revenue rules.


Vista Group Pension Service

Vista Financial Services are experts on the set up and management of Group Pension Schemes.

We have significant experience and can demonstrate where this experience can add value to your planning.

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