Pensions & Retirement Planning

Pension Planning for Retirement is a Wise Financial Investment

The retirement pension landscape in Ireland is unsettled for many people.

People are living longer, will more than likely work until later in life and there appears to be a continuous review of the State Pension Benefit.

There is definitely no guarantee that things will stay the same and it is more than likely that getting paid by the State will become even more challenging for people with expectations of being looked after by the State

With all of that happening in the background it is fast becoming even more important for everybody to take some ownership of their own private pension planning for income in retirement.


Vista Pension Review Service

Take advantage of our expertise and qualifications in pension planning where we look at your current situation, see what benefits you have and recommend cost effective and tax efficient solutions to help bridge the gap.

Included in the menu opposite are some pension planning and income in retirement solutions.

We are fully qualified & Regulated by the Central Bank with many years of experience advising on Pension Planning.

Our detailed analysis of your current pension planning situation means that you get recommendations in a personalised planning report that is designed to fit your needs.


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