Mortgage Protection Plan

Protect Your Investment In Your Home with Mortgage Protection

If you have a mortgage or are applying for one you will need to have a mortgage protection plan.

Mortgage Protection is a life insurance plan assigned to the lender for the mortgage term.

The sum insured is normally equal to the outstanding mortgage at any given time.

The key benefits are that in the event of the premature death of the mortgage holder/s, the the mortgage protection plan cash lump sum is paid by the insurer to the lender. This ensures that the property is mortgage free.


Mortgage Protection Questions.

With this very important product,there are only three questions to consider:

Do you need a mortgage protection plan for a new or existing mortgage?

Is your current mortgage protection plan in force?

Have you currently got the best quotation for your existing mortgage protection plan?


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Mortgage Protection Quotations are very competitive.

We offer best value for money for your particular needs from all major Life Insurance Companies.


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