Single Premium Investments

Invest With Confidence & Achieve Your Investment Targets

Protect the valuable cash you have available for investments.

Ensure that all decisions have expert insights backed up by research. Avoid amateur guesswork and opinions

Use investments that match your risk profile, time line and are aligned with your financial targets.

When making investment decisions, markets being up or down on is not as important as making the right asset selection, asset diversification and correlation to cater for the highs and lows in the investment strategy

Getting these right at the start and then managing expertly during the investment period is the best way to see a return on investment being delivered.


Investment Strategy – Plans – Tactics

Specific subject matter investment expertise and management of the key decision points is what is required and what we deliver to our investment clients.

We cover all of these under the headings listed below and following a meeting we present comprehensive recommendations in a confidential and personalised investment planning report.

Amount to Invest – Growth Targets – Attitude to Risk – Any Income Needs – Asset Selection – Diversification

Correlation – Capital Guarantees – Fund Managers –  Consider “What If Scenarios” – Reporting & Management.

This defines the investment strategy, describes the plan and the tactics that will make it successful.


Enabling Effective Investment Decisions

At Vista we enable effective investment decisions by working with our clients through this joint decision making process where we take ownership of their need to understand everything before investing with confidence.

We take into account any previous investment experience and make sure that any recommendation we make is suitable, you are eligible and the investment plan recommended is affordable.

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