Regular Saving Plans

Achieving Savings Targets – Known & Unknown

When or where the next financial emergency will arise is always hard to know.

Chances are that whenever it does it will be when money is already scarce because of holidays, back to school, college fees, new car, house repairs, a wedding – or any number of things that will always put a strain on valuable and regular income that is probably already stretched to the limit.


Saving & Priorities & Making The Plan.

Its not possible to save for everything but its a good idea to start with identifying the major financial events that are most likely to happen say 5, 10, 15  years from now.

Depending on what life stage you are at now various expensive events come along and in the current economic climate getting a loan without savings or a deposit is probably close to impossible so best to save and be ready because for example;

Getting Married is Expensive.

Buying a House plus furnishings will need at least a 10% Deposit.

Funding College Fees by writing a cheque each year may not be an option.

You will have earned that Holiday of a Lifetime!


Saving Plan Options

There are excellent and flexible savings plans that are designed to deliver returns that help you to achieve the cash lump sum you need.

Ongoing reviews and updates make sure that savings stays on track.

Research shows that when people  commit to saving monthly it becomes part of normal spending so regular savings can be a good habit to develop.


Next Steps – Some Information

Why not take some time out to find out about savings plans that will help to achieve the important financial targets you may have coming up in the coming years.

We can explain all of the plans available and recommend the best and most flexible options to suit your budget.


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