Life Insurance, Serious Illness & Income Protection. Affordable & Appropriate


Checking that there is enough life insurance, serious illness and income protection in place is a top priority when we make recommendations to our customers about financial planning needs and solutions

We help select the Protection Plan that best meets your needs from the menu opposite.

Premature death, serious illness or loss of income due to accident or illness that can cause financial hardship or emotional upset, so where possible, it is important to to protect those you care about.

 How Much Life Insurance & Protection.

This always depends on your overall personal and financial perspective.

You may need either term life insurance, a convertible term, whole of life insurance, income protection, serious illness or some of everything.

The important motivating factor is to look at and understand any potential gaps in protection before the need arises.

Our expert advice and service will help identify budget, benefits and the right plan for you

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