Family Protection

Get Excellent Family Protection with Flexibility & Choice

Schedule your protection benefits to match your life cycle and family needs.


The Family Choice Plan comes with some Outstanding Options.

With this plan, you decide your financial planning priorities, for example; in the early days of the plan with a young family, you may need to focus on paying the bills.

Later on in life a cash free lump may be more attractive.


Decide what works best  from the following choices…

Increase or decrease the tax free sum insured benefit or change how long the policy needs to be in force.

Add or remove benefits or clear any loans or debts ensuring your family’s immediate finances are healthy

Pay a monthly income in the event of illness or death to meet outgoings and maintain your families current lifestyle.

Pay a monthly income to your family if a stay at home parent dies to meet the additional expenses your family would face in that situation, for example, childcare costs.

Pay a lump sum amount in the event that you suffer a serious illness. This provides you and your family with financial stability to maintain current lifestyle and take care of new costs and bills.


Optional Extra Benefits – Short Term Cover

You can even add one or more optional benefits to protect yourself financially in the short-term.

  1. A stay in hospital (for more than 3 nights)
  2. An accident which leaves you unable to work (for more than 2 weeks)
  3. Suffering one of a number of broken bones
  4. Undergoing one of a number of surgeries

If you have any queries about these excellent flexible benefits, please don’t hesitate to  Contact Us


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