Convertible Term Insurance

Unique Customer Benefits with Convertible Term Life Insurance

A convertible term life insurance plan can be converted to a new life insurance policy – regardless of current state of health – without any further medical information or underwriting being required. 

As a comparison, think about car insurance, crashing your car and being able to renew the insurance without disclosing that you were involved in a minor or major accident

Where this really benefits our clients is that if diagnosed with a serious illness, a new life insurance policy would probably be declined but using their in force convertible term option before the policy expires means that important life insurance cover remains in place.


Additional Features Advantages & Benefits

Premium does not change during the term.

Buy Life Insurance now with future needs in mind.

Meets any fast changing personal need for life insurance.

Single, Joint or Dual Life options when setting up the cover.

Serious Illness Protection can be included.

Benefit Indexation to protect against inflation.


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Quotations are very competitive.

We offer best value for money quotations from all major Life Insurance Companies.

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