Investments & Savings

Investments & Savings and a Formula to Achieve a Positive Return.

Great Investments are based on fundamentals, logic, expertise, analysis, information, flexibility and informed decision making throughout the investment cycle.


Investment Guidelines to Follow

Investments are not a competition. There is a need to plan carefully the Investment Cycle and be aware that short term markets movements carry little weight and calendar years are irrelevant

Money availability needs to be matched to the investment cycle.

Timely pro-active management and reporting are critical to enable effective ongoing decisions during the investment

The Vista Team have been successful with managing investments for our clients and through our business partners have access to global and local investment fund managers and their funds.


Building Investment Performance

We help you get the investment fundamentals right with focus on value and not being afraid to take a profit.

We look at the return needed, your risk profile and then look to minimise the risk to the expected return.

We can help you avoid being too speculative, focus your decision making with clear rules on investment criteria, regular monitoring of your investments and make rational investment decisions.

All of this based on the fundamentals of investment cycle management backed up by our experience and expertise.


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